Steve Nassar



Meet Steve Nassar

Steve Nassar is a real estate broker located in Beaverton, Oregon, and serves the greater Portland area .Because Steve Nassar is a native to Oregon, he has an intimate knowledge of the ups and downs of the real estate market not only in Portland itself but the entire area around Portland. Steve Nassar has over nine years of real estate experience which means that he has had time to learn a trick or two but has not been in the game so long that he doesn't have a pair of fresh and ready legs. Because Steve Nassar is passionate about the Portland area, he treats every client like his best friend, because he truly believes that everyone is his neighbor and wants you to feel at home.

Because Steve Nassar owns a national real estate marketing agency, this puts him in a unique position to serve not only serve those already located in the Portland area, but all those looking to relocate to Portland itself. Not only does his ownership of this national real estate marketing company allow him to serve those close to home and thus further away, but it also means that he is in the loop of all the real estate developments nationwide and can use this knowledge to make sure he serves his clients with the best information possible.

There are many real estate brokers and real estate agents to chose from in the Portland area, but if you are looking for someone who not only knows the area, but strives to give his clients the best possible value for his services then you need look no further than Steve Nassar. If you are looking to buy a home in the Portland area, there really is no better broker to trust with your business than Steve Nassar, his combination of experience and knowledge is truly second to none.